Saturday, 23 November 2013

Take a Bow

Big Biology Day at Stamford School last Saturday was a roaring success for all involved. We weren't entirely sure what to expect but when we got there we were amazed by the variety and quality of the stalls and activities. 

They've been swabbed!

Kids and adults alike queued up outside in the cold to get into Mike Leahy's fantastic Big Red Zoo Bus, and were then greeted with tea, coffee and a large table laden with cakes before they headed inside to test their sense of smell, make a DNA bracelet, dissect owl pellets, test how quickly their brains adapt...

Holly and Heather

We were kept really busy, despite the stiff competition, so we were glad to have help from two new roadies. The swabbing was very popular - even the mayor of Stamford wanted to try, so we can add a mayor's chain of office to our collection of microbial growth. The day's swab plates are on view here.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Stamford
test their sense of smell

It was really good to set up the 'Sex & Bugs' stall in a completely different setting and see how well it worked in a school (and without our trusty companions, The Bees). 

Swabbing the Mayor's chain of office

So our festival year 2013 ended as we unpacked the van (in the dark) for the last time. It has been a pretty amazing experience. 

This may have been our last event, but it won't be the last you hear from us!

Roadie for a day:
Dr Eichhorn gets into the poogame

Karen and Heather

Friday, 15 November 2013

School's Out

The Roadies are getting ready for the final Sex & Bugs & Rock 'n Roll event: Big Biology Day, taking place tomorrow at Stamford School in Lincolnshire.
This year, we've taken 'Sex & Bugs' to three music festivals, Imperial University and the Natural History Museum, so this a great opportunity for us to take our activities to another type of event.

The day has a really amazing line-up and we're looking forward to seeing the other stalls and contributors. We also have competition, as one of the participants is touting the infamous #poogame!

So if you're anywhere near Stamford, Lincs., drop by for a fascinating day! 
You can download the full programme here.