Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Saturday Superhouse

Wychwood Festival Part II (and lots more photos on our photostream)

A bugs'-eye view of the #BESfest stall
Sarah D: Saturday brought more sunshine, yay! I lead an early morning bug hunt where the brilliant hunters found a crane fly larvae (with a very interesting bottom!), woodlice, centipedes, ants and more beetles. Some of our Friday hunters returned with various beasties they had found around the site, broadening our search area. These included the brightly colour soldier beetle, a click beetle and bristle tail. 

Bughunter supreme: Chloe
with her well-earned FSC cha
It was really fascinating chatting to so many people, and I learnt a lot from people dropping by the tent. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable our visitors of all ages were. Discussions ranged from how to recognise frog poo (very tricky for most people including me) to the potential factors contributing towards bee decline.

Miss Bear has been swabbed

Em: Saturday was also a pretty interesting day for investigating microbes on festival kit. Some rather unusual characters took their place on the swab throne - and I'm pleased to say that Snot the Dragon and Miss Bear were some of our more sanitary visitors (especially as they were a big hit with the kids).

Snot the Dragon in the swab
'ello, 'ello, 'ello...
The highlight of the days' swabbing action was a visit by two bobbies from the Gloucestershire Constabulary and the chance to take a closer look at the microbial growth on PC562 Robertson's handcuffs and ASP baton (not every girl can say she's swabbed a policeman's truncheon ;-) 

You can see all the swabs we took during the festival in the 'Microbe Hall of Shame'.

I also managed to plan my shift so I could go and see John Otway (with Deadly the Roadie). It was a brilliantly hilarious show complete with popping shirt buttons (Bodymusic), a Bob Dylan version of 'I will survive' and a tribute to hecklers with 'House of the Rising Sun' - It's nearly rock 'n roll but I like it!

Saturday ended with 80's nostalgia (for some, anyway) as The Human League took to the main stage.

There are loads more photos now on our photostream - thanks Frazer!

Don't you want me baby?

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