Monday, 24 February 2014

15 Minutes of Fame

We've had some unexpected but very welcome international attention in the last week.
Sean Mattson of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) has written a great piece on 'Sex & Bugs', which is currently featured on STRI's homepage - a pdf of the article (in English and Spanish) can be downloaded here.

And then Christopher Buddle, of McGill University in Canada, got in touch about our recent article in TREE - he has dedicated a whole post to us on his excellent SciLogs blog Expiscor. Thanks Chris!
A preprint version of the paper is now available for download from our dropbox here.

It's fantastic to get such a positive response from people - scientists and members of the public alike - in different parts of the world.

In the meantime, we're starting to organise our activities for Wychwood Festival 2014, where we'll not only be celebrating ecology, but also the 10th anniversary of the festival itself.

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