Monday, 15 July 2013

London Conversation

I had wanted to help out the Sex and Bugs and Rock 'n Roll team from their beginnings, but I was abroad working for a conservation NGO. Luckily, as I was back on British soils this Saturday, I was pleased to be able to help out at the Natural History Museum London, helping the #BESfest team at @NHM_London's 'Big Nature Day' . 

Thea enthuses a young visitor
We chatted, taught, joked and smelt items that smell like different fungus from 10am-5pm with all the people who wandered into the long row of (many!) societies. Positioned between the earthworm and the orchid society, BES's "ecology is easy for everyone - just step outside" began to get communicated; most people's favourite was the poo game (which common-english-poo is from which species). All you need is a patch of small grass, a small pond or a soil heap and you'll start learning about ecology. People seem to understand this - our efforts and enthusiasm was received really well by grandmas, school groups, families, individuals who lived locally, students, tourists, children and even by excited babies (who at least understood that the event was something to grin about!).

Busy times at the stall
The 25+ยบ sunshine, it being Saturday - at the Natural History Museum - ensured a large amount of foot fall and all five of us were kept busy busy busy, just like the bees we also had on display. The wide range of societies attending, the fabulous knowledge available, the obligatory, London-priced pimms & ice cream stall and the fantastic face-painting team kept everyone smiling. It was a fantastic day and a perfect opportunity for the BES 'face' to be out and about in London. 

The BES' Hazel Norman and daughter
I would urge anyone to seek out ecological or outdoors-based events in your local area. Many are free, easy to attend and I guaranty you'll leave having learnt something new about a species that you walk past every day - no exceptions whether you live in a city or a field! Big Nature Day is just one example of how ecology can be brought to your local area - so watch out for easy-access ecology and environmental efforts near you. The British Ecological Society are helping to nurture and protect natural Britain. A team effort is required so like every society we look to the public for feedback and support. 

A postcard from Holly
Event's like this are perfect for the Sex and Bugs and Rock 'n Roll team, so thank you to the Natural History Museum for a great event and to everyone who attended. Hopefully the team will roll down a road near you very soon! 

Written by Thea Powell, BES volunteer, Mentor and Alumni member of the Undergraduate Fellowship Scheme and Young Ecologist BES group. 

A happy team at the end of a very hot and busy day:
Sophie, Emma, Thea, the Bees, Jules, Sarah and Frazer

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  1. If you want a fun day out with an ecological twist, we've got lots of events across the UK with the BES Festival of Ecology It's a sunny weekend so a great time to get out there!