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Busking - with new festival hat
Larmer Tree Festival was a lot of sun, fun, and hard work. The festival site in the Larmer Tree Gardens was beautiful, with trees around the main stage, peacocks strutting around the grounds and hares in the campsite. The shady Secret Garden and Lostwood areas provided a welcome break from being baked in the sun while busking outside our stall. There were quite a few memorable moments for me, not least getting to meet Richard Thompson and Lau after their amazing gigs. 

Lisa the Hymer at the campsite
The experience began before we'd even arrived because I had to drive a rather large classic Hymer camper-van up the narrow and windy road to the site, during which Frazer was certain that he, at least, would be killed (especially with me whimpering from the relative safety of the left-hand-drivers seat every time a lorry came bearing down on us). The camper van was awesome but it felt a bit like driving a bus made for a driver about a foot taller than me.

We four Microbiologists
It would take too long to list all the great people I talked to about Ecology, but a a special mention goes to the four microbiologists who swabbed themselves (because they weren't allowed to do it at work), the friendly BES member who had read about Sex & Bugs in the Bulletin (yay!), the three lads with interesting aliases who were thrilled to find out we were scientists, and the many stall-holders who gave us discounts and free stuff because they loved what we were doing.

Peace and pencils at Larmer Tree
The festival proper ended with us being evacuated from the Arc tent during Rich Hall's Hoedown. We had finally managed to secure seats in the tent, which had been packed every single night of the festival. We'd made ourselves comfortable, enjoying the music and other comedy acts for 2 hours while we waited. Unfortunately for us, the unlucky combination of a fast approaching electrical storm  and a tent supported by two very tall metal structures meant that we only got to see about 10 minutes before having to relinquish the seats and head into the rain.

Safety first and all that.

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